Filter based on list(s) of genes

ChIPseek allows users to upload their own gene lists to filter the peaks. The uploaded file should be in a text file containing a list of genes (identifying by Refseq ID, gene name, unigene ID or Ensemble ID). After uploading a gene list, users can then filter an uploaded dataset or another filtered dataset with this gene list. Users can save this filtered subset by pressing the “filter & save“ button. A new file will be saved and user can find this file in analysis tools.

  *The saved file (in this case 'CTCFL_1.gene') can be used in further analysis.

ChIPseek saves all the uploaded gene lists in a new tab “uploaded gene list“. User can use these uploaded gene list to filter other datasets.

  *The saved file (in this case 'CTCFL_3.gene') can also be used in further analysis.