Filter based on the GO terms

ChIPseek has built-in GO databases and user can choose their interested GO terms to filter the peaks. The GO terms are classified into three categories -- biological function, cellular component, and molecular function. In ChIPseek, these three GO categories are presented in three annotation trees in three separate tabs. User can select one or multiple GO terms from the annotation tree structures. User may click on the “select“ button to select interested GO terms. A new gene list from the GO terms can be generated and saved. The gene list, denoted as “selected_acc_1.go“ (as indicated in the figure below), can be used as a filter to intersect with other datasets to generate another filtered subset of peaks. A subset of peaks which are near these functionally interested genes can be saved by pressing the “filter & save“ button.

  *The saved file (in this case 'CTCFL_2.go') can be used in further analysis.

If user has established and saved a gene list through the GO trees, this gene list will show up in a separate tab “saved gene lists“. Next, user can use the saved gene list as a filter to filter other datasets.

  *The saved file (in this case 'CTCFL_3.go') can be used in further analysis.